Painting came into my life in a simple and natural way:

One day, I took a big white sheet of paper and a black-ink pen; signs began to form, as if spontaneously flowing on the white sheet, in a logical and pleasant symbiosis with the dark liquid, bringing along—from another world —feelings, vague memories, words and ideas.


And thus my first metamorphosis began.

Signs, graphic symbols timidly dovetailing, mingling, continuing one another, interacting to compose a final drawing—to embody the unity, its own language.

I had become the shaman of my own inner world.

My signs had begotten the bridge towards myself and my own world, creating the space around me, filling me with love, truth, freedom.


…Have you ever thought how many worlds coexist here with us? Worlds brought by painters, writers, musicians? Worlds that are alive and real… eternal worlds brought from another eternity?

Color came to me a little later, to remind me of myself, to redefine me, to resurrect me.


This album represents my world, the WORLD with its cycle, a world where space and time intermingle into one single meaning: the journey.

Madame xxx

for Alex

I had an interesting vision and that’s what I actually wanted to talk about.

I was sitting with P in a place where we were eating. There were people around us. At one point I was shown how wrongly we live. Here’s the vision:
The art of being Earthly consists in… not touching the Earth in this “journey” because the goal must not be searched for—as there is no goal. More accurately, the goal is already given, it exists at a higher level, but it shouldn’t be anticipated. People are anchored, they cling to all sorts of things, always look for something, and create habits, forgetting themselves… What I mean is, we come here and we actually forget why we came. We’re always in search of a goal, but the truth is we do not come here purposefully. Evolution occurs when the time is right.

I was watching the people around me anchored in their plates, in their problems, in the problems of others, in constructions that without their mind would be nonexistent.

I was watching and at the same time floating, beyond them and beyond anything, beyond my body, hovering, while understanding the art of doing nothing, the art of hovering above the Earth, the art of being free, the art of slaloming in the air, the art of stopping time, and especially the art of smiling while looking from above to the razzle-dazzle of those who cling to whatever, creating their own world.

I understood then in a different way that the art of living means the art of receiving, for what is yours is already there and you don’t need to try to bring it to you. The art of living is the art of making the most of what you get. Divinity has already made the games. It’s all but trustworthiness. Have total confidence or not. The art of receiving, confident in God’s Art of Offering. Life on Earth is a sublime game. The Divinity is subtle.

The game has no rules, and that’s what makes it funny to look at.
I looked from up above and smiled at this picture by no means triumphant, invented by man—not for him but against him—where characters fret uselessly…

The point is, we come here as in front of a mirror, and we are the mirror waiting for the divine plan. (So I understood that it’s not about us creating things, but about things creating us, and that only because we fight instead of floating here, above the earth.)

The world is already created, we only have to “open the gate” and let it come to us, no need to “go and get it”. Do you know what I mean? That’s the secret! That’s why the world looks the way it looks: because we are struggling to create it, instead of letting come to us only the divine creation, which is perfection. The world is already created but we do not BELIEVE!