Life … a joyful painting often discolored by the corrosive breath of failure… gradually revealing itself in shades.
Each life with its own sound, with its own unmistakable color.
I live metamorphically, I live a clearly defined, sketched, colored trilogy
I now share with you: innocence, present, beginning.
Three alternating and synchronized mirrors embracing and appareling me in infinite shadings.
Three reflections of one and the same candid and dramatically retouched portrait.
Three colored projections of one single destiny: a journey’s testimony gently brushed with a high and amazing – though imperceptible – gesture of grace.

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The unseen reveals its visibleness.
Early mirroring…questions, in free fall from « Mundus Imaginalis »; I don’t anticipate anything;
My first school emerges freely; it comes by itself, from within me, from my need to redefine myself.
The works come simply, fluently; suddenly I find myself at home in this infinite space, which is drawing, painting;
I mingle myself with ink, with color…knowing (acknowledging) freedom, infinity.

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The PURITY time is gone…and the im-PURITY moment comes;
Colors change, sounds change, words change-they violently gather, the cadence becomes aggressive, soldierly, the decadence can be freely seen, woman becomes a good business to make.
NATURE, enchained, cries out loudly! Nobody hears it, nobody sees it…Big fun!
Man hates.
Man hates Nature.
Man hates man.
Men hate themselves: a brilliant BANKRUPTCY.

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And then THE MOMENT came.

I understood everything.
I understood Who I am.
I understood and experienced the UNITY with the WHOLE-the universal love and I called this instant of knowledge and boundless love: my apocalypse.
I understood the verticality:
The Vertical is the new replacing the old,
The Vertical is rebirth,
It is awakening, superior comprehension of Self, Nature, Life, Universe.

The Vertical is the TRUTH.

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